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Sell Gold & Silvers

Selling your precious metals is just as crucial a decision as buying them. It’s important to not only find a trustworthy buyer who will offer you the best price, but also to time your exit from the market appropriately. We can help you with this process.

NB: This will include sale taxes and matching service.

We can not only assist you in purchasing gold and silver, but we will also buy it back from you. Our Precious Metals Specialists will assist you figure out how much your gold investments are worth and how to sell them. At every stage of precious metals investing, Alliance Gold Vault is committed to providing fair service and honest dealing. This means that we will not only buy back any things we have sold you, but we will also buy bullion from other companies..

1. Selling your gold or silver to us is easy:

You can sell your precous metals already in our vault storage.

  1. 1. Login Vault
  2. 2. Click on sell
  3. 3. Fill sale forms
  4. 4. Submit sale forms
  5. Our service representative will contact you for complete sale.
    NB: This service include sale taxes and process fees.

2. Selling your gold or silver which is not on vault our storage:
  1. 1.Contact Us
    • Contact a Precious Metals Specialist through phone call, live website chat, or email. Through contacting us, you’ll gain a complete understanding and exact instructions on how to proceed.

  2. 2. Ship to us or drop off your metals in person. You can ship them insured through your favorite carrier. You'll be notified by mail once we receive your metals.

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