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20+ years of experience
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Alliance Gold Vault & Estate Sales

We buy large estates, silver, gold, and precious metal coins and bars.

Most people don't consider liquidating an estate unless they are forced to do so. It might be a difficult undertaking in an already stressful situation, but Alliance Gold Vault can assist. Our goal is to make the procedure as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Alliance Gold Vault will assess the things in your estate carefully and present you with an estimate. Our dependable, experienced real estate experts can help with the evaluation in a number of ways.

  1. 1. Over the phone
  2. 2. Via email
  3. 3. In-person
  4. 4. With your agent

Our gold and silver business has been created on the foundation of long-term partnerships and a dedication to transparency and integrity. In our real estate firm, we follow the same idea. With so many frauds out there, why not go with one of the industry's few properly audited and publicly traded dealers?

Please contact us using the information provided above for additional information. We want to make our excellent service available to those who need it the most.


We have an uncompromising commitment to ethics and zero harm. We care about everyone.


We hold each other, our customers, and the industries we serve in the highest regard.


We work together to achieve results and to solve your toughest challenges.


We appreciate our differences and embrace a broad range of perspectives and cultures.